Говорим на тему «Поезд» на английском языке.

Новые слова для запоминания:

train  поезд
carriage  перевозка, транспортировка
timetable  расписание
wait for a train  ожидать поезд
miss a train
catch a train
 пропустить поезд
 сесть на поезд
seat  сиденья
get on a train
get off a train
 зайти в поезд
 выйти из поезда


get/take a train - travel by train
the 12 o'clock train - the train that leaves at 12:00
journey - when you travel from A to B
fare - money you pay to travel
a fast train | a slow train
(railway) station - place where trains stop and people get on and off.

Buying a ticket ( Покупка билета )

It's now 9.30. A passenger (P) is talking to someone at the ticket office (O) at Bristol Station.

P: A single to Cardiff, please.
O: That's 10$, please.
P: Right, and when's the next train?
O: There's one at 10.07.
P: Fine. Do I have to change?
O: No, it's direct.
P: That's good. And when does it get to Cardiff?
O: 10.56.
P: OK. And which platform is it?
O: Platform 6.
P: Roght, thanks.


passenger - a person travelling or going to travel in a train, bus, car, etc.
ticket office - the place where you buy tickets in a station.
single or single ticket - a ticket for a journey from A to B
next - the next train is the first one after now.
change train - get off one train and get on another
direct - a journey is direct if you don't neet to change train.
get to - arrive at or in leave
platform - the part of the station where you get on and off the train.