Разбираемся с тем, как правильно сделать заказ в ресторане на английском языке.

Разберем основные предметы и принадлежности на столе

 1. glass of red wine  4. oil  7. napkin  10. fork
 2. salt and black pepper  5. vinegar  8. bowl  11. knife
 3. bottle of mineral water  6. glass of white wine  9. plate  12. spoon

What can we order?

boiled rice

fried eggs

grilled fish

roast chicken

Steak can be:
Стэйк может быть:


Меню на английском языке:


Tomato soup1
Grilled prawns in soy sauce2
Mussels in white wine and garlic

Main courses

Pan fried tuna with green beans
Fillet steak3 with chips4 and mushrooms
Roast duck with cabbage and peas
Grilled chicken with boiled potatoes
Cheese tart5 with mixed salad6


Apple tart
Ice cream7 with chocolate sauce8


Customer and waiter.  ~ Посетитель и официант.

W: Are you ready to order?
C: Yes, I'll have the fillet steak.
W: And how would you like your steak?
C: Rare, please. And I'd like a glass of red wine, and some mineral water.
W: Still or sparkling?
C: Sparkling.
W: Fine.

Later in the meal...

C: Could I have another glass of wine?
W: Yes, of course.
C: Oh, and some more water, please.
W: Certainly.

W: Would you like to see the dessert menu?
C: No thanks, but I'll have a coffee. And could I have the bill, please.
W: Yes, sure.


Are you ready to order? = Do you know ehat you want to eat?
I'll have steak = I'd like steak OR I want steak.
How would you like your steak? = Would you like your steak rare, medium or well done?
Still water - Water without gas
Sparkling water - Water with gas
Meal - Breakfast, lunch and dinner are meals.